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Chicago Buddhist Vihara organizes several special events throughout the year engaging the community. These events help us strengthen the relationships among the members as well as to provide opportunity for our community to help the upkeep of the Vihara premises.

Summer Sports Camp

Held annually, Summer Sports camp is a wonderful opportunity for our community to get together and spend entire day playing various sports. We have many group sports that Adults and Children play together that helps to strengthen the relationships among friends and families in the community and build lasting joyful memories.

ports Camp is a one day event that consists of many sports. Sports such as soccer, cricket, basketball, football, volleyball, and the famous Sri Lankan game of Elle are played. The sports camp starts at 10 a.m. and ends around 6 p.m. Lunch and snacks are provided. Mr. Vishan Subasinghe hosts the sports camp. Additional questions about the Sports Camp should be addressed to him.

– Sithara Gajapala & Amanda Randunna, Dhamma School 8th Grade

“Sramadana” – “Donate your Time and Sweat”

We organize few “Sramadana” events each year to maintain Vihara premises. Many members of the community gather at the Vihara, for yard and building maintenance in order to make the Viahra, a nice place to visit.

Shramadana is a one day volunteering job at the temple where volunteers can help around the temple. People can mow the lawn, trim the branches, sweep the floors and garage, and do some painting. Community programs are fun ways to get together as a group and socialize.

– Sithara Gajapala & Amanda Randunna, Dhamma School 8th Grade