Dhamma & Sinhala School

Dhamma School

The knowledge of Dhamma and discipline introduced to children at an early age help them gain wisdom as well as cultivate social ethics, making them good citizens. Chicago Buddhist Vihara is considering the propagation of Dhamma to the younger generation as a paramount responsibility. We Conduct the Dhamma School, twice a month on Sunday from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. We have classes for various age groups. Due to the fact that most of the congregation of the Chicago Buddhist Vihara are of Sri Lankan origin, In addition to the Dhamma School, we also conduct Sinhalese (The native language is spoken by the majority of the Sri Lankans) classes providing the knowledge to our children of their roots and culture.

Our Teachers

  • Ven. Mayakadawara Sarada
  • Mr. Lakshman Mapa
  • Ms. Nalika Diyadawagamage
  • Ms. Waruni Fernando
  • Ms. Dilusha Harischandra
  • Ms. Udani Chandrasekara
  • Ms. Chamila Munasinghe
  • Mr. Thilanka Karunarathne
  • Mr. Samantha Hewamanage
  • Mr. Chandana Meegoda
  • Mr. Sanjaya Ranmohotti
  • Ms. Inoka Hewawitharana
  • Ms. Kumudunie Karunarathne


Class Schedule

10:00am – 10.30am Worship
10.30am – 11.30am Dhamma class
11.30am – 12.00pm Snack break
12:00pm – 1:00pm Sinhala class

Vandana Gatha Document

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10AM Weekly Vandana

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Chicago Buddhist Vihara Library

Chicago Buddhist Vihara has a library of its own for young children to read about Buddhism (Dhamma) and to learn Sinhalese. This was sponsored by our devotes of the temple.

CBV also has a large collection of Buddhism books including some of the Tripitaka Hardcopy for Adults to read as well. Please visit Chicago Buddhist Vihara parsonage for adult resources.

Dhamma School Projects