Monthly Donation

As you may all know, monthly donations help reach our goals and offer the stability that is necessary to our finances. You can pledge any amount as you wish at your capacity. Most important thing is that we can rely on your continues pledged support to pay the mortgage, pay the money borrowed in purchasing the property and pay utilities  and other regular expenses of the temple. Choose an amount that you feel comfortable with. Much merits to everyone who commits to a monthly pledge.

We know everyone can have difficult time. During those times, if you would like to cancel a pledge, simply click here to be taken to PayPal where you can submit your request.

Temple Maintenance Fund

With all of your help, we were able to purchase the current temple building and the parsonage and this will benefit future generations to come.  As you may know, we are conducting various activities at the temple premises and upkeep of the building condition is crucial to these programs. There are few maintenance projects upcoming due to wear and tear of the property. Future projects that need to be completed during next couple of years will be Roofs of both buildings, Parking Lot paving, HVAC replacement. Please help us maintain the new building by putting a few dollars (you can pick how many after you click the button) into our fund for this very special project.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you might have about all of this.

Event Sponsoring

If you wish to sponsor an event that is held at the temple (Guest Meditation Session, Katina Ceremony, Vas Aradhana Ceremony, Vesak Ceremony), there are various ways you can help us. Sponsoring travel arrangements, sponsoring meals or sponsoring the entire event can be done in memory of loved one who passed away in your name. These merits will go long way to help them reach ultimate bliss of Nibbana, if they are in a place to receive merits from you. We are always having events across the county, and the world.

Resident Monk Expenses Fund

This will help our monks who resides at the temple for their personal needs. Like worldly people, monks also have needs. These donations helps our monks cover their personal expenses such as travel costs, education costs and various other needs.

If you would rather donate some tangible objects, the monks have put together the following list of things they would like. Anything you can help with would be much appreciated.


  • Dish soap
  • Personal Care items for monks
  • Laundry liquid detergent
  • Toilet Tissues, Paper towels,
  • Stationery – Pens and/or markers, Papers
  • Natural flowers – to offer Buddha
  • Candles

Please don’t hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions or concerns.

Donate Us

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