Pleage donation for new home for Chicago Buddhist Vihara

Transference of Chicago Buddhist Vihara
Pledge Now, Pay Later ~ A Donation With Name Recognition

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Please use this form if you wish to generously commit in donating a specific amount at a specific future date
Pledging allows you to:
  • Affirm your commitment to help
  • Plan the timing of the expenses for tax purposes
  • Qualify for 2016 TAX deduction

Pledging now vs donating later allows:
  • Timely and effective panning and budgeting in the near future
  • Attract additional donors
  • Finance activities against future contributions

Due to the nature of the project and the urgency, Chicago Buddhist Vihara has created 4 donation tiers with a minimum donation in the amount of USD 1000.00 per family. We welcome your altruistic support in helping us fulfill and realize our vision.

  • Silver - USD 1000.00 to 2499.00
  • Gold - USD 2500.00 to 4999.00
  • Diamond - USD 5000 to 9999.00
  • Platinum - USD 10000.00 and above

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I Agree. By completing this form and checking the "I Agree" box, I acknowledge that my name, address, telephone, and email address provided are correct, and I commit to providing a check to the Chicago Buddhist Vihara with the US Dollar amount specified in "Pledge Amount" on or prior to the date established by the "Pledge Completion Option" and "Pledge Completion Date" (where shown).