About Us

The Chicago Buddhist Vihara wishes to enlighten adults and children on Buddhism. We strive to make it easier for those of all ages, to have a better understanding of Buddhism.

Our Programs

Dhamma School
The knowledge of Dhamma and discipline introduced to children, at their early ages help them gain wisdom as well as cultivate social ethics, making them good citizens. Chicago Budhist Vihara is considering the propagation of Dhamma to younger generation as a paramount responsibility.

We Conduct the Dhamma School once a month usually 3rd Saturday from 3:00 pm to 5:30 pm. We have classes for various age groups.
Religious Events

Help Us

Chicago Budhist Vihara is a not-for-profit organization providing Knowledge of Dhamma to the communities across Chicago Land area and beyond. In order to cover our operational expenses such as mortgage and utilities we greatly appreciate your kind Tax-Deductible donations

Please make all the Checks payable to "Chicago Buddhist Vihara".