IMPORTANT Please Read - Temple Relocation Project Status - Getting very close...

Date/Time : 2017-09-07 23:44:39 Status : Sent
Dear Friends,

As many of you know, we have been very actively working on selling our current property and moving to a new place with zoning, parking and ample space of our own, that we can proudly call “Chicago Buddhist Vihara”

We have put our property in the market for a while and have been reviewing the showings, their feedback and revising the selling price. After months of effort, we have agreed with buyer to sell the current property for $240,000. While this price is lower than expected, this is the best we could do after all the effort community put to it including many weekends of hard labor.

On the buying side, we have a verbal agreement to buy this property ( for $512,500. This property has all the features we were looking for most importantly, Zoning, Parking, Gathering Space and Parsonage. We are about to sign the formal contract with the seller once our attorney review the agreement. We would like to have all the pledged money collected before signing the agreement.

At this critical point in time, we need your full support to make this deal happen. All the hard work and commitments made by the community for this entire year is about to become real. We are at the 25th mile of the marathon, we need all your pistons firing and we desperately need your help to bridge the gap.

Here is the current financial situation.

We are expecting net proceedings of about $210,00 from current property. We also have $271,300 in pledges from you all, out of $189,250 already received. Out of the received money, we spent about $9,000 on renovation, so we have about $180,000 in the bank. With all the pledges considered, we are about $40,000 short.

* If you have already pledged and not yet fulfilled your pledge, we really need you to help us and complete the mission.

* If you have not pledged but in a position to help us and willing to be part of a historic event in Chicago Buddhist history, which your children and your grandchildren can proudly say “Our family helped to establish the Chicago Buddhist Vihara facility”, Please donate now. At this point of time, any amount will do but please do your best.

* If you have already donated, Thank You!!!
However, if you are in a position to give just a little bit more, please do so, your generosity goes a long way.

Please try your best to reach the temple tomorrow itself, and extend your support. This is happening right now and we all get to be part of it.

While you may not care for the fame, if we make this mission a success, we will have a “wall of fame” with all of our donor's (or a preferred relative’s) names engraved in to one special place in the new Temple, so that one day our children or their children could visit and proudly say, “Look, that’s my family, they made this possible”. So let’s make this possible…

Thank You