Kids Summer Camp - Sunday September 10th @ Frontier Park, Naperville

Date/Time : 2017-08-25 22:36:47 Status : Sent
Dear Friends,

We would like to let you know that the temple would be hosting the Children's Summer Camp, this summer too, just like last year.

The date: SUNDAY, September 10.

Venue: Frontier Park, Naperville (East Pavilion, Entrance from Book Rd)

Please refer to the below link, for information on venue, directions and food list:

Time: Start at 10 AM and end at about 4 PM. We may have lunch between 11.30 and 1PM.

We plan to make few teams with the kids and play the following games:
For Bigger Girls & Boys:

(1) Cricket
(2) Soccer - No cleats allowed, but normal athletic shoes.
(3) Volleyball.
(4) Basketball.
(5) Elle

For Smaller Kids:
(1) Soccer.
(2) Children's play area - Climbers, Swings, etc.

Thank You!