Chicago buddhist vihara buddha statue
Chicago buddhist vihara buddha statue
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chicago buddhist vihara opening ceremony
chicago buddhist vihara Katina
chicago buddhist vihara dana
chicago buddhist vihara katina ceremony
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Our Virtual Meetings

Dhamma School Buddha Vandana

Sunday morning Buddha Vandana program for Dhamma school Children will be conducted through zoom

Sunday Morning Meditation

Sunday programs will be conducted through zoom

Tuesday Evening Meditaion Program

Tuesday Evening Meditation Program.

Friday Dhamma Deshana

Friday Evening Dhamma Deshana & Discussion will be held through Zoom

Please click here to read Chicago Buddhist Vihara COVID-19 updates

Upcoming Events

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Vas Buddha Puja Every Sunday

Vas Buddha Puja every Sunday until Katina puja

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Esala Poya sil Observance

Esala Full Moon Poya Sil Observance will be conducted on Sunday

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Sath Budu Wandana (සත්බුදු වන්දනා)

During last Vas Puja ceremony, there will be a Sath Budu Wandana

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Talent Show 2021

Thank you for your participation and for being an excellent audience! Here is the recording of the talent show.

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Vesak Celebration 2021

Chicago Buddhist Vihara Vesak Program through zoom due to Covid-19 restrictions.

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Mindfulness of the Body

The Buddha taught that realization of the true nature of the body is essential for one’s spiritual development.

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About Us

The Chicago Buddhist Vihara is a Therevada Buddhist temple offering religious services and teachings of the Dhamma. We also welcome members of any faith interested in learning about meditation.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help you realize inner peace and happiness through the application of meditation and Buddhist philosophy. With a consistent Meditation practice focusing on mindfulness and other techniques, one can train the mind to be in the present moment and achieve clarity by letting go of past regrets and future anxieties. With support and study, a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Buddhist Way of Life may be achieved.